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    Hip Sockit / Resident DJ

    Brando AKA “Hip Sockit” offers his heart opening soulful soundscapes that seamlessly weave music styles & cultures. A globally blended tapestry of beats, bumps, & baselines that penetrate to the marrow of your bones, spiraling around your undulating spine and unearthing your body.


    Hip Sockit crafts his sets from a wide range of music focusing on top quality tracks that make hips shake and bodies move. His skillful transitions between sounds, styles, and textures, makes it easy to sweat the dance floor all night long. Starting his career on vinyl records in 1995, Hip Sockit has played Clubs, Ecstatic Dances, and Weddings all over the world, including spots in Montréal, Greece, Israel, and the famed Ibiza.  One of the original creators of Northampton’s premier dance event, POLLINATE,  Brando has been featured as an emerging artist on fmainstream.com and a featured guest on the Valley Advocates video podcast series.

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    Luminous / Resident DJ

    Marek A.K.A. DJ Luminous encountered the dancing community and discovered contact improvisation form of dance. This opened new ways for him to work with bodily energy and to explore how dancing improvisation can contribute to healing stuck emotional energy. ​ From there it was only a step away to become a dance facilitator and DJ in 2012 and to start working with energy of music and its impact on the body, connection to one self and to others. ​ Since then his journey as a DJ and workshop facilitator led him to creating healing workshops and dance events across the US as well as internationally. Some of his beloved places that he likes to visit and create events is Vancouver BC, island Ometepe Nicaragua, Portland OR, and of course his homeland - Prague. ​ Currently he co-creates regular ecstatic dance events with his team in Northampton ( Pollinate Dance ) and

    Boston ( I-Opener Ecstatic Dance )

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